VPN: what is it and also what is it for ?

Although it is not something new, it has actually been throughout the last few years when we have actually started to read about VPN connections. A term that has begun to appear a lot more highly after Netflix made a decision to block its use after finding that some users used them to bypass the geographical constraints of their solution.

Nevertheless, the fact is that for several years they have actually been used in service, a context that currently has additionally expanded to give rise to various other uses. However what exactly is it? Exactly what is a VPN? What can we use it for? Today we resolve these concerns as well as analyze their benefits and also downsides.


Prior to participating in higher turnarounds, we have to comment that VPN responds to the acronyms Online Private Network, a denomination that already a priori enables us to have a tiny suggestion of just what it is: a online private capable of connecting several gadgets as if they were physically in The exact same area, mimicing regional network connections. Virtual, because it connects 2 physical networks; And also personal, because only computers that belong to a neighborhood network on one side of the VPN could accessibility.


When we connect to a VPN, we will do it making use of a kind of passage, a word that is utilized to indicate that the data is secured at all times, from going into till they leave the VPN, which is accomplished via different methods Which shield them. Now, there is an exception with PPTP – it utilizes a combination of troubled formulas like MS-CHAP v1/ 2-.

What our system will do when trying to go to a page is to envelop the request and send it over the Internet to our VPN service provider. This will certainly de-encapsulate them by following their usual course: they will exit with your network router and, later, the packet will be sent.


Using a VPN indicates that we could access practically any type of part of the network with no sort of geographical limitation, no matter where we literally find ourselves. The reason? That will allow us to gain access to with several web servers situated in another area of the globe besides the one that we are.

The safety and security and personal privacy are various other points in its support, particularly if you have to send or receive sensitive info across the network. And also while we can constantly opt for proxy services and tools that conceal the IP of our device, by picking a netflix vpn we are choosing to establish a protected link between the computer and also the web server.

Already in a more company context, it makes it possible for a business’s employees to from another location access their networks and also servers without endangering protection. An additional of its virtues is that these are not extremely expensive services and we even discover choices that deserve it completely free.

Finally, they are easy to use, allow us to attach as well as disconnect quickly at will ( when set up) and works with numerous applications by directing all Internet traffic.